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logistics planning, warehouse design, transport & supply chain strategies

Who We Are!

Henderson Logistics are independent advisers in all aspects of Supply Chain planning. From offices in Sydney and Melbourne projects are conducted throughout Australia and New Zealand. Specialities include warehouse design, logistics planning, 3PL outsourcing and services as transport specialists.

What We Do!

In new or upgraded distribution centres, warehouse design projects address layout, installations and materials handling. These all form part of the total logistics planning solution for clients in many fields. Sound results also come from studies in transport planning, logistics strategy and outsourcing of the distribution function to a contract operator. Procurement is also a speciality of Henderson Logistics.

How Good Are Hendersons?

Our reputation as logistics consultants has been developed over many years in projects throughout Australia and overseas. Wherever there is storage and movement of goods and product our skills in supply chain planning can achieve benefits in operating costs and deployment of resources. As a leading supply chain consultancy, Hendersons can improve your distribution centre design, transport systems or outsourcing solutions of the outbound part of the supply chain. As warehouse consultants, Hendersons are specialists in materials handling and performance of warehouse operations.

Outsourced distribution networks are frequently addressed by Hendersons as logistics consultants to develop best solutions for 3PL contract arrangements. As transport specialists Hendersons can assess your current transport costs to identify and develop potential to improve cost and service levels. Existing outsourced distribution networks are assessed for cost effectiveness and performance.

case studies

Recent projects demonstrate how Hendersons have worked with companies to upgrade Supply Chain effectiveness.

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From offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Hendersons conduct exercises of all types throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Introductory meetings are held to decide on the scope of the proposed work. An obligation free submission is then prepared and reviewed to establish the way forward for Hendersons’ services.

About Us

Henderson Logistics’ reputation as leaders in warehouse design, transport and supply chain planning advice has been developed over many years.

Hendersons are Australian owned and are renowned as supply chain consultants. We would look forward to developing solutions that work in your logistics operations.